Long Exposure Made Easy...er

As of late, I have spent a number of days working out how to take long exposure photos.  To be honest, I became obsessed with photos of Iceland over the last few weeks.  With an impending vacation just around the corner, I had no idea how to create the smooth almost blanket like waterfall and ocean photos I saw from some of my favorite photographers.  I understood the concept of long exposure but how could those photographers not get over exposed even at f22 iso 100?  

Fortunately, the internet was working and I started scouring until I came across the details.  To my surprise, the process seemed like something I could have fun with and my next stop was a plethora of filter reviews.  Wow! Those things are expensive, in fact a good couple filters will cost you as much as a new lens and there is a significant delineation in quality.  In other words, do your homework if you want to start getting into long exposure photography, as you could pay a lot for a filter that reduces your photo's quality and ultimately doesn't provide the level of production you would hope to obtain with a significantly increased exposure.

So, with the help of the internet, I went with Nisi filters, a cheaper, well reviewed, glass slide filter.  Thanks to the Nisi slide filters I have been able to extend my exposures for significant lengths of time.  I have had the opportunity to use and test the Neutral Density Filter – ND64 (1.8) – 6 Stop and a Neutral Density Filter - ND1000 (3.0) - 10 stop as well as a Soft Graduated Filter- GND.9 - 3 stop.  

Don't worry a few weeks ago that sounded just as foreign to me but has as of recent, become one of my favorite tool to create beautiful photos.

Taking a long exposure at Iso 100  f/18  4.0 for 2 mins with Nisi ND1000 (3.0)

Photo taken of the Minneapolis Skyline from the long exposure above